Decision Systems Engineering

We design, architect and implement decision systems for your business. We combine software development, a variety of techniques from artificial intelligence, and advanced software architectures.

R&D Services

We perform research services in our technology field, to provide you with the best decision support or analytics solution. We offer focused research, proof of concepts and technical design services.

Study Coordination Services

We have a broad expertise in the healthcare / clinical research domain.
We provide specific services in clinical trial study coordination.


We are experts in applied artificial intelligence, data science, decision support systems, and knowledge based reasoning systems in general.

To model a solution from data, we use machine learning, clustering and classification techniques, pattern recognition and predictive analytics.

To extract and identify value from text sources, we use natural language processing, text mining and linked data.

To power advanced information retrieval and algorithmic processing, we use memory-based index structures, distributed computing and big data technologies.

To represent explicit knowledge structures, we design and implement domain specific languages and efficient execution solutions.

Big Data Technologies

  • distributed processing, (Hadoop, Map/Reduce architectures)
  • in-memory processing (Spark)
  • NoSQL (MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra)
  • ElasticSearch
  • custom information retrieval indices
  • lambda architectures

Data Science Solutions

  • machine learning, clustering, classification
  • predictive analytics, pattern recognition
  • text mining, natural language processing
  • data enrichment models and context models
  • decision trees, association rules, ensemble learning
  • knowledge representation and execution

Decision Managemement Systems

  • decision logic
  • predictive analytics
  • optimization & simulation
  • monitoring & learning

  • decision support for knowledge work
  • management of decision logic


The Latin verb CERNO (cernere, ind. present, 1st pers. sg.) has different meanings, reflecting our core technologies and expertise:

decide (decision systems), resolve (reasoning models), determine (predictive analytics), discern (pattern recognition), distinguish (text mining), sift (clustering), separate (classification), examine (research).

CERNO was established in 2012. The consultants have more than 20 years professional experience in the decision systems and data science technology domain and services.

We provide our consulting and project services on contract basis.

CERNO is based in Belgium, where we provide on-site services. We provide telecommute and remote consulting work to international clients.

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