The Latin verb CERNO (cernere, ind. present, 1st pers. sg.) has different meanings, reflecting our core technologies and expertise: decide (decision systems), resolve (reasoning models), determine (predictive analytics), discern (pattern recognition), distinguish (text mining), sift (clustering), separate (classification), examine (research).
CERNO bvba is located in East-Flanders, Belgium.
The founders and consultants have more than 20 years professional experience in the decision systems and data science technology domain and services.
We provide our consulting and project services on contract basis.
In Belgium we provide on-site services. We also provide telecommute and remote consulting work to international clients.
CERNO bvba
Koningin Fabiolalaan 3, B-9900 Eeklo, Belgium
BTW BE 0846.688.551 | RPR Gent